Jinder Mahal unexpectedly became the talk of the town this month, surprising everyone all around the world. Jinder Mahal was in line for the WWE World Heavyweight Title shot on RAW but lost the match last month. Even then, Mahal feels he doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

Jinder Mahal became the target of ridicule during WWE Raw Day One when The Rock made his return. The Rock mocked Mahal before delivering his iconic move, the People’s Elbow, to knock him down. Although Mahal used this exposure to secure a WWE World Heavyweight Title match against Seth Rollins, his efforts fell short, and he was unable to secure the championship.

While speaking to Gorilla Position, Jinder Mahal shared his thoughts on the positive support he received after WWE Raw Day One. He expressed gratitude for the encouragement, acknowledging that sometimes he feels he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Mahal found the support motivating and mentioned his exploration of different avenues, including working with an acting coach.

Mahal hinted at the possibility of trying new things in WWE, even contemplating a potential face turn for the “Modern Day Maharaja.” Mahal was excited about the overall positive response, not just from fans but also from WWE writers and personnel. He noted that even The Rock himself offered some generous praise.


“It was awesome. Sometimes I feel like I don’t get the credit that I deserve. It’s okay because that keeps me motivated and keeps me driven. It was definitely nice to receive the support. It just further motivated me. I’ve been working with an acting coach. I want to try different things now and I believe WWE is trying different things and are open to trying different things. Maybe, Modern Day Maharaja as a babyface? Maybe. I’m excited. overall, a very positive response, not only from the fans, but also from WWE. All the writers and all the people in the back. The Rock himself gave me some very nice praise. It was awesome.”

Jinder Mahal has not competed in a WWE televised match since his defeat to Seth Rollins on the January 15 episode of WWE RAW. Only time will tell if WWE will have anything substantial planned for him in the future.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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