WWE’s NXT roster features numerous talents on the verge of stardom, and Trick Williams is one of them. He has displayed considerable development, carving out a reputation for himself and emerging as a standout on NXT. He recently faced criticism and now Baron Corbin decided to come to his aid.

Carmelo Hayes’ friendship with Trick Williams was one of the best things about NXT but he ultimately betrayed him at NXT Vengeance Day and after a lot of drama, the two finally faced each other at NXT Stand & Deliver, where Williams won. The same thing happened on NXT this week in the main event, thus solidifying him as one of the brand’s biggest stars.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer shared his thoughts on Trick Williams’ in-ring skills and noted that Williams simply isn’t that good of a wrestler.

“Trick isn’t that good, that’s the reality. He’s got incredible charisma, but you put him in a main event match. Granted he did look really good against Ilja, but Ilja is one of those people that gives you a false perception of the ability of the other person, it’s like wrestling Ric Flair or a tag team wrestling the Young Bucks, you always look better. You see all these tag teams against the Young Bucks and think these guys are great, but they’re never great against anybody else, and Ilja is the same way.”


Baron Corbin took to Twitter and commented on a tweet that contained what Dave Meltzer had to say. Corbin praised Trick Williams for his talent, noting that he gets better every time he steps in the ring. Corbin highlighted Williams’ charisma and how it resonates with the audience, leading to merchandise sales and viewer interest.

Corbin emphasized that the crowd doesn’t necessarily care about technical wrestling prowess, but rather about connecting with performers they enjoy. He predicted that Trick Williams would achieve great success due to his charisma and ability to engage with the audience.

”Trick is dope and gets better every time he steps in the ring! Charisma connects you to the people, the people buy your merch and tune in to see you. They don’t give a s*** if you’re the best technical wrestler ever. Trick will be extremely successful!”

Even WWE sees Trick Williams as WrestleMania main event potential. We will have to wait and see whether Trick Williams will eventually become a major star in WWE, as he certainly has the potential.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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