Bret Hart has been renowned for his exceptional in-ring abilities and reached the pinnacle of fame and recognition in professional wrestling back in the 1990s as the flagship star of WWE.

Throughout his career, Hart has been known to express controversial views that haven’t always been well-received. While some may assume he holds resentment over certain aspects of his wrestling journey, Hart has clarified that he simply shares his opinions and understands that not everyone will agree with him.

But behind his wrestling persona, Hart was recently battling with his family issues in regard to his first daughter, Jade Lambos. As revealed by user on X, Lambos recently completed her chemotherapy and radiation treatment for a cancer issue, something Bret Hart himself has faced in the past.

In the video dropped, she can be seen ringing the bell of a cancer treatment facility, usually done upon completion of a task, and greeted by her well-wishers for showing the ‘Hart’ of a true warrior in this battle.


As far as Bret Hart is concerned, he made surprise appearance at the OPW Australian Stampede event by Oceania Pro Wrestling in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Fans were thrilled to see “The Hitman” in person, highlighting the enduring appeal and admiration he commands among wrestling enthusiasts, despite major issues prevalent in his family.

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