Kurt Angle has been one of the most respected and accomplished WWE veterans of all time and nowadays spending time with his family and watching his daughter follow in his steps of becoming wrestler, already calling her a future GOAT. Angle came back to WWE back in 2017 for his Hall of Fame induction and one more run he had left in him, but according to him, things did not turn out as he envisioned it to be.

In recent interview with Wrestling Life Online, Kurt Angle opened up about his final run in WWE and the challenges he faced upon his grand comeback. The former WWE champion expressed his dissatisfaction with how his return was handled, noting that WWE had a different plan for him than what he thought.

When WWE brought him back after his 11-year tenure in TNA, the initial focus was on inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame. Angle, however, believed that the Hall of Fame induction should come at the end of the run and not at the beginning. He expressed this sentiment to then-WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, stating that he wanted to ensure he was in top form before being honored in such a way.

Moreover, Kurt Angle also acknowledged the fact that the fans could see that he was not the same wrestler he once was. He felt that he was portraying an “old man” in the ring. which was challenging for Angle, as he was known for his incredible athleticism and in-ring prowess during his prime.


“When WWE brought me back after I spent 11 years in TNA, they had a different plan for me than I did. They wanted to induct me into the Hall of Fame first. And I was like, ‘Vince, the Hall of Fame should be last, when I retire.’ He said, ‘Well, we want to induct you into the Hall of Fame and get a feel for you, make sure you’re doing okay.’ When you get away from it at the age I was… fans could tell that I was not the same wrestler. I looked older, I wrestled like I was older, I felt like I was looking like an old man. And I didn’t like what I saw.”

Furthermore, Kurt Angle has already made it clear that he has no intention of getting back in the ring. So it is likely that his wrestling days are indeed over and Angle would be spending his time doing non-wrestling appearances and work and spending time with his family.

What are your thoughts on Kurt Angle’s final run in WWE? Do you agree with The Olympic Hero’s comments regarding that tenure? Sound off in the comments!

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