Nikki Bella has been a prominent figure in the world of wrestling and entertainment Alongside her twin sister Brie, collectively known as the Bella Twins in WWE. Nikki retired from the ring due to neck and spine issues in 2018 and left the company in 2023 after their contracts expired, choosing to pursue new opportunities.

In an episode of their podcast, Nikki revealed that she had seriously considered joining WWE’s rival promotion, AEW at one point. But she ultimately decided against approaching AEW President and CEO Tony Khan prioritizing her family and son over her wrestling aspirations.

Although the WWE Hall of Famer chose to delay her decision, Nikki hinted that in a few years, once her son Matteo is older, she and Brie might consider a return to wrestling and joining AEW, as they both feel they have one more run left in them.

During recent conversation with Tim Battle and Eli on the Battleground Podcast, Tony Khan expressed his excitement about signing Nikki Bella to his roster. He cited major respect for Nikki and her sister Brie, calling them a part of his family, and believed that the Garcia Twins would add a lot of value to his company AEW, should they join in the future.


“If Nikki Garcia ever wanted to come in to AEW, I would be very interested in that. I think the world of her. I have so much respect for Nicole and Bri. They’re like family to us because Bryan is like a part of my family, and that means Bri and Nicole part of the family. So I have so much respect for both of them, and if Nikki was interested in coming to AEW, we would love to have her here any time. That was so great to hear. It means the world, and I just like both of them so much. I think they’re really, really cool, and really, really great stars that would add a lot to AEW if they ever wanted to come.”

While there is no timeline and concrete decision regarding Nikki Bella’s return to wrestling in the near future, it would surely be an exciting sight to see the Fearless One alongside Brie Bella come back for another enthralling run in the world of professional wrestling.

What are your thoughts on Tony Khan giving the green signal on Nikki Bella’s interest in joining AEW in the future? Sound off in the comments!

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