Chad Gable was unable to compete for the Intercontinental Championship against GUNTHER after losing the Gauntlet match last month. Instead, he trained Sami Zayn to eventually defeat GUNTHER. This week on RAW, Gable and Zayn duked it out for the title but Gable wasn’t able to pick up the win, leading to Gable turning heel on Zayn. Gable has now given his first remarks after the fact.

Sami Zayn acknowledged Chad Gable’s valuable mentorship and training that played a crucial role in his victory over GUNTHER at WrestleMania 40, where he secured the WWE Intercontinental title. As a gesture of gratitude, Zayn offered Gable a title match on Monday Night RAW.

The match was a hard-fought battle, with Gable displaying great skill and determination. However, Zayn ultimately retained his championship with a last-minute Helluva kick. Following the match, Gable initially exhibited sportsmanship by raising Zayn’s hand in victory and leaving the ring.

However, just as Zayn went to celebrate with his wife, Gable suddenly launched a surprise attack from behind. He continued his assault on Zayn outside the ring, ultimately locking him in an ankle lock on the top turnbuckle. This unexpected betrayal left fans stunned and saddened as the once-close friends seemed to part ways under shocking circumstances.


Chad Gable took to Twitter and uploaded a couple of photos of himself betraying Sami Zayn on RAW last week. Gable shared his first remarks, stating that everyone in his position would have done the same thing.

”Don’t kid yourselves. You would have done the same thing.”

Sami Zayn has already vowed revenge on Gable after his actions on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. Gable was also showered with profane chants after the show. Fans will need to stay tuned to see if The Alpha Academy will align with Chad Gable’s recent heel turn, as the direction WWE takes with Gable’s character could shape the future of the team. If the stable decides to follow Gable’s lead, it could lead to interesting and dynamic shifts in storylines.

Do you feel Chad Gable’s heel run will be what he truly needs for his growth in WWE? Sound off in the comments section below!

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