In the midst of the adrenaline-fueled world of wrestling matches, unforeseen accidents often unfold behind the scenes, adding an extra layer of drama to the show. Recently, wrestling veteran Tony Schiavone revealed that he sustained an unexpected injury just before the AEW Collision event.

During the latest episode of “What Happened When” podcast, Schiavone shared that he sustained an unexpected injury just before AEW’s Collision and Battle of the Belts events. Schiavone revealed that he accidentally injured himself when a board hanging down in the talent relations room hit him in the head. Initially, he brushed it off as a minor bump until he realized that he was bleeding profusely from his head just 30 minutes before going on air.

With blood streaming down his face, Schiavone managed to patch himself up with toilet paper before seeking medical assistance. The AEW medical staff quickly came to his aid, ensuring that he was treated and prepared for his on-air duties. Despite the setback, Schiavone’s professionalism shone through as he fulfilled his responsibilities without missing a beat.

“We did two hours of Collision and then an hour of Battle of the Belts 10 on Saturday and I thought it worked out quite well. We met with Tony Khan at about six and we stayed there until about 7:15. At 7:30 I go into the talent relations room which is where I stay. I reached down to look at something on my computer and there was a board hanging down and the board caught me in the head. Now I’m thinking, oh, I got a bump. I go in the bathroom and I take a piss in the bathroom. Now I feel something on my head. Now there’s blood streaming down my face. Now we’re talking about 30 minutes before air time. I’m reaching for the toilet paper. I got the suit on. I’m pissing, reaching for the toilet paper, and blood streaming down my face.


” I finally get some toilet paper in my hand, I put it up, and I go across to the room where the doctors are and they are patching me up. They patched me up as best they could. I ran over to makeup because there was blood in my scalp. They’re cleaning up my scalp and now it’s like 7:45. We gotta be out there at like 7:50. I go down the makeup and they’re fooling my hair. I did the interview with Thunder Rosa. As soon as I sit down, I get a text from JR that says, ‘You need a haircut fella’. I was very lucky that we had medical staff because it was pouring down my face. I did not need to get a stitch, but they had to put pressure on it.”

Schiavone further revealed that he even received a text from colleague Jim Ross about needing a haircut. Ultimately, Schiavone’s quick thinking and the prompt action of the medical team ensured that the show went on seamlessly.

What are your thoughts on Tony Schiavone’s unexpected injury and its impact on the AEW Collision event. What are your thoughts on the behind-the-scenes challenges in the wrestling community?

Shubham Banerjee

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