Chad Gable has been a significant presence in the WWE Intercontinental Championship scene for several months, and he aims to continue his impact on RAW next week by competing for the prestigious title.

Moreover, The leader of the Alpha Academy played a crucial role in preparing Sami Zayn for his championship match against GUNTHER which proved to be valuable, as Zayn emerged victorious over GUNTHER, ending the latter’s record-setting reign as WWE Intercontinental Champion at WrestleMania 40.

Following Sami’s title win, his alliance with Chad Gable continued. However, on the RAW after WrestleMania 40, the Underdog from the Underground agreed to defend his championship against Gable on the following Monday Night RAW.

However, Gable did remind Zayn and the WWE Universe that he had previously defeated former champion GUNTHER on RAW in Zayn’s hometown of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. But the former Conspiracy Theorist did not back down and took to his X to counter his statement by mentioning that he triumphed over the dominant GUNTHER and urged Chad Gable to bring his absolute best walking into Sami’s hometown of Montreal, Quebec, Canada for the title match on RAW.


“You said I owed you a favor, I’m happy to give it – tonight we go 1-on-1 for the IC Title. But know this – on the biggest stage, the most dominant champion in WWE history threw everything he had at me. I took it all & came out on top. This is Montreal. Bring your absolute best.”

As Chad Gable prepares to challenge for the WWE Intercontinental title, fans are eager to see if he can finally achieve his dream of becoming champion walking into a territory that would possibly be in Sami Zayn’s corner for their showdown.

What strategies do you think Chad Gable might employ in his Intercontinental Championship match against Sami Zayn? Do you think we see a new champion tonight on WWE RAW? Sound off in the comments below.

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