The dominant and longest reigning WWE Intercontinental champion, GUNTHER had made his mission to embarrass his WrestleMania 40 Saturday opponent, Sami Zayn who he did not believe to be worthy of challenging him for the workhorse title, but suffered the ultimate defeat at The Show of Shows.

The Underdog from the Underground had clinched the opportunity to challenge The Ring General for his championship by outlasting 5 other WWE superstars in a Gauntlet match on RAW a few weeks ago and was heavily trained by Chad Gable heading into the bout, who wished him luck backstage alongside his best friend Kevin Owens.

The Alpha Academy Chief’s sessions surely proved to be an advantage for Sami Zayn to combat the wrath of GUNTHER, delivering multiple moves and blows to him. However, The Ring General also did not pull back from firing all shots at him and took the former NXT champion to the limit showing a high level of dominance over Zayn for the majority of the match.

But Sami was not ready to give up so easily and kept coming back again and again despite GUNTHER putting him away. Moreover, towards the end, the fans saw Zayn missing the near fall with the Helluva kick, only to agitate GUNTHER more who launched two powerbombs at him, but he still kicked out.


GUNTHER kept on mocking Sami’s wife sitting in attendance while continuing to annihilate his opponent, but Zayn would still not go down. As GUNTHER went up the top rope, he caught him with a Helluva kick, connected a brainbuster, and hit a series of Helluva kicks to put down The Ring General and end his historic reign.

With the match concluding in his victory, the celebrations ran high for Sami Zayn while GUNTHER laid down in defeat at the hands of one of the biggest underdogs of WWE.

What are your thoughts on Sami Zayn winning the WWE Intercontinental title from GUNTHER at WrestleMania 40? Do you think the highly exhilarating bout lived up to its expectations? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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