During an action-packed week in wrestling, AEW aired a captivating episode of Dynamite on April 10th, featuring an exclusive reveal of behind-the-scenes footage from the All-In event, provided by The Young Bucks. However, it seems that D-Von Dudley expressed dissatisfaction with AEW’s handling of the situation.

During the episode, The Young Bucks played a prominent role in building excitement for their upcoming match against FTR at AEW Dynasty. However, it was the release of footage from the All In event that truly captivated the audience’s attention. The footage revealed a tense altercation between Jack Perry and CM Punk, escalating to a point where Punk aggressively shoved Perry. This incident created chaos backstage until Samoa Joe and other AEW staff stepped in to bring the situation under control.

The release of this footage sparked widespread discussion across social media platforms. However, the story took an unexpected turn when AEW took proactive measures to remove the All-In backstage altercation from all digital platforms.

In a recent interview with Gabby LaSpisa, D-Von Dudley shared his perspective on the situation involving AEW airing backstage footage from the All In event. Dudley expressed his belief that it was inappropriate to broadcast the footage, even though the events took place eight months ago. He felt that AEW should have kept the situation private rather than airing their “dirty laundry.”


“Well, you know, it is a sad thing that happened in the business when CM Punk was there. Nobody should have to go through that stuff, no company should have to see that — but at the same time, when you have the inmates running the asylum, this is what happens. Again, I’m not there, I’m not in AEW, so I don’t really know the going on there, but I don’t think it should have been appropriate to air something that, even though it happened months ago, that’s something that you just don’t air out. That’s your dirty laundry, you keep that to yourself. The problem was handled, time to move on, time for AEW to move on. Jack Perry is somewhere in Japan and let’s just leave it like that. To act like that, I’m not sure why they did that and I don’t get it, nor do I understand it.

Dudley also mentioned the problems that can arise when the “inmates are running the asylum,” comparing the situation to what happened with WCW. He criticized AEW for potentially making a decision driven by the desire for ratings rather than the good of the company.

‘’Oh, well we need to expose this because Punk needs to be exposed’, no, you did it for a cheap rating. I’m sorry, I’m not the only one that feels that way, there’s a lot of AEW hardcore fans that feel the same way. I’m not saying anything negative about the company, but I do feel like this is one of the problems that Tony Khan has, he has a lot of yes people and not enough people to tell him, no, don’t do this. If he is in fact really running the show on his own, he should’ve known better to not do something like that, it’s just gonna cause negativity. Sometimes negativity works, but in that aspect, not so much. I look at it like this also — A lot of people kind of agreed with Punk and what happened and what he did. There was a lot of AEW fans that agreed with him.”

”There was some that didn’t, but there were a lot of people that did agree with him because it just seems like the inmates are running the show over there. Look, again, I don’t know because I don’t work for the company. I’m a big fan of a lot of the talent that is there, I met a lot of them on the Jericho cruise, great guys. Really great guys, I have nothing negative to say about anybody in that company. Everybody that I’ve met has been nothing but respectful towards me and it’s been giving right back. But, in saying that, you cannot have the inmates running the asylum.”

While Dudley noted he was not present in AEW to fully understand the situation, he did emphasize the importance of maintaining control and discipline within the organization. He praised AEW’s talent and interactions he had with them on the Jericho cruise, but reiterated his concern about the need for stronger leadership to avoid repeating the mistakes of WCW.

”This is exactly what happened with WCW. There was no one to say no, there was no Vince McMahon, who regardless of the allegations, he did keep a tight ship and you would think twice about doing anything if Vince said no to something. You didn’t question him, you did exactly what he said and that was it or you were gone. I think that’s why Tony is missing over there, I think he has to get control over his organization because if not, it’s gonna be another WCW.”

AEW’s backstage reaction to airing the All In footage was revealed as well. Even Tony Khan was heavily criticized for this move and Eric Bischoff clowned AEW for the same. Nonetheless, many believe that airing the footage did more harm than good to AEW.

The move has sparked discussion and debate among fans and pundits alike. Are you surprised by Tony Khan’s decision to showcase the footage? Share your thoughts in the comments section below as the conversation continues.

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