The airing of the CM Punk/Jack Perry footage on AEW Dynamite has undeniably stirred up reactions across the wrestling world, offering a glimpse into the multifaceted dynamics at play within the industry.

The footage was indeed genuine, dispelling any speculation of a bait-and-switch tactic. However, responses to the segment have been largely lukewarm, with many viewing it as a one-time ratings boost rather than a game-changing moment. Fightful Select suggest a sense of apprehension backstage at AEW Dynamite, with concerns revolving more around potential social media backlash than substantial impact.

Insights into the decision-making process shed light on Tony Khan’s initiative following Punk’s interview with Helwani, with WWE personalities’ media jabs hastening the decision. Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, it’s being said that The Young Bucks were fine to do the segment, while FTR were informed and supportive, viewing it as a means to enhance storyline intrigue.

From within WWE, Ringside News exclusively reported that many saw it was misguided and foolish. Several WWE talents even took to social media on Wednesday to make a mockery of the whole ordeal.


Amidst the chatter, there’s a prevailing optimism regarding the potential benefits for Jack Perry, both in crowd reception and career advancement. However, there are also expressions of frustration among AEW talent, stemming from a sense of being caught in the crossfire amidst escalating tensions across promotions.

Despite the discourse, there’s a consensus within AEW that this development isn’t a “company killer,” with expectations of AEW anticipating and navigating the accompanying online fervor.

As the dust settles, the industry braces for the next chapter in this ongoing saga. Ringside News will keep you updated if more information becomes available.

What were your true thoughts on AEW’s decision to airing the altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry? Sound off in the comments below.

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