In a surprising decision, Tony Khan and his team announced plans to broadcast previously unseen backstage footage from the AEW All-In event that was held at Wembley Stadium in London. Now that the footage was shown, Tony Khan has been called out and got massive flack for the same.

During tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite, EVPs Matthew and Nicholas Jackson presented the audience with previously unseen footage from the AEW All-In event. The video showed the confrontation between Punk and Perry, which quickly escalated into a physical altercation.

The crowd reacted with mixed opinions, but chants in support of Punk grew louder as the brawl intensified, prompting AEW personnel to intervene and separate them. The company’s attempt to use this footage to drum up interest in their product and the upcoming AEW Dynasty event seemingly backfired, leading to negative reactions from fans on social media. In a surprising turn of events, there was increased support for CM Punk, as evidenced by the audience’s reaction during tonight’s show in Charleston.

While speaking on Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray talked about Tony Khan revealing the AEW All In footage and noted that the company desperately needs help to get out of the hole they have dug themselves into.

“Before I put my weary head down on my pillow, I will pray to God for AEW, and I will say, God, I hope they popped a rating tonight. I hope something positive came out of this footage, or came out of tonight.


“Because when tomorrow comes, if that rating is not good, if they’re not back up to at least 800,000, it’s gonna be dogpile on the rabbit. And the rabbit is gonna deserve the dogpile.

“This is not on the talent. This is not on the locker room. And most of the time, it never ever is across the board. It’s on creative. It’s on the booker. It’s on the matchmaker.

“This company needs help. At this point, I hope even you diehards realize that. There are lots of people who wanna help. I’ve gone on record to say I would help for free.

“And if you think that’s me politicking for a job when I just performed in front of 72,000 people as a special guest referee, you’re out of your f**king mind.”

CM Punk has also reacted to the footage already. Nevertheless, many fans feel the footage did more harm than did for AEW and it backfired on them badly. We’ll have to see what’s next in store for the company.

Were you shocked by what you saw in the AEW All In footage featuring CM Punk and Jack Perry? Let us know in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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