Tiffany Stratton has emerged as one of the fastest-rising WWE superstars on the main roster. However, at the time of her arrival in the big leagues, the company decided to make a small reset to her presentation, only to revert back to it in the new era of the company.

During tonight’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Tiffany Stratton made her entrance as she interrupted new WWE Women’s Champion Bayley’s address to the audience who were delighted to see her as the new face of the women’s division in a completely new WWE landscape.

However, the fans in attendance and people watching at home noticed something familiar in regard to Tiffany’s entrance. The Center of the Universe came out to her old NXT entrance music that was abandoned upon her call-up to the main roster.

But it seems that WWE chose to revert back to Tiffany Stratton’s original NXT music possibly due to some strategic reason. On the other, Stratton missed out on a huge opportunity moments later as she lost to Naomi in an impromptu bout who earned Women’s Championship match against Bayley next week on SmackDown.


While Tiffany might have lost a golden chance to ascend to the next level, her going back to her old roots could be an indication of some big plans in place for the former NXT Women’s champion as the new era marches forward.

What are your thoughts on WWE bringing back Tiffany Stratton’s original entrance music on SmackDown? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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