The newly established era of WWE has a new locker room leader alongside the Undisputed WWE champion Cody Rhodes, The Role Model Bayley who knocked off her former Damage CTRL cohort on WrestleMania 40 Sunday to become the new WWE Women’s Champion.

The Role Model came on tonight’s edition of SmackDown to address the audience, thanking them for never leaving her side and always helping her find a new direction while they erupted in a ‘You Deserve It’ chants.

At that moment, as Bayley was ready to offer the first shot to her title to a SmackDown star, she was interrupted by the young upstart Tiffany Stratton. The Center of the Universe expressed her frustration for being left out of the WrestleMania card and got even more agitated upon learning that Bayley was going to give Naomi the first crack at her title.

As Tiffany berated Naomi whom she had also beaten previously, The GLOW made her way to the ring to confront her with a match taking place right away between the two to determine Bayley’s first challenger. The action was fast-paced with both women hitting each other with everything in their arsenal as Bayley looked at the action from outside the ring.


In the end, Tiffany Stratton missed on her Prettiest moonsault giving Naomi the opening to roll her up with a jackknife pinfall to secure the win and become the No.1 contender to Bayley’s WWE Women’s Championship.

What are your thoughts on Naomi becoming the first challenger to Bayley’s title reign? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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