Ronda Rousey, who made waves in the wrestling world with her departure from WWE after her SummerSlam match against Shayna Baszler, has been vocal about her experience in the company. In a recent revelation, Rousey shared her desire to have had the same level of rehearsal time as Logan Paul in WWE.

In her book “Our Fight,” Ronda Rousey delves into her WWE experiences, providing candid insights into her tenure with the company. Notably, she directs strong language towards Bruce Prichard and John Laurinaitis, expressing her frustrations by telling them to go ‘f*** themselves.’ Ronda Rousey even alleged that WWE discriminated against women.

Logan Paul has made a significant impact in WWE, transitioning from his successful social media career to becoming one of the promotion’s top stars. Although he only wrestles occasionally, Paul’s performances have been lauded for his in-ring prowess and dedication to the sport. His peers, including “Jackass” star Steve-O, have commended him for his contributions to professional wrestling.

Ronda Rousey recently shared her thoughts on Paul’s performances, expressing admiration for his work on the microphone and in the ring in a conversation with Steve-O. She pointed out that Paul benefits from extended rehearsal time and resources, allowing him to deliver outstanding matches. Rousey voiced her frustration that not all WWE talent receives the same level of preparation and support, noting that her debut match was successful due to having six weeks to rehearse with top minds in the business.


Rousey believes WWE’s approach with Logan Paul demonstrates what can be achieved when the company invests time and effort in rehearsals and resources for its performers. She finds it puzzling that this model isn’t applied more broadly across the roster, suggesting that WWE could achieve even greater success by implementing this approach consistently.

“He’s great on the mic. He does a great job on the mic. I wish I was allowed the time to rehearse that he gets. It’s not evenly spread. He’s like their next big star. They are rolling out the red carpet. It goes to show that if you give people the time to rehearse and the resources, you can do amazing things. It’s frustrating that everybody doesn’t get that treatment. My first match with them was incredible because we had six weeks to rehearse, all the best minds in the business coming and putting in their two cents and it was an instant classic. Then, they never did it again. I was like, ‘Why isn’t this the model?’ They’re doing that with Logan Paul and he’s having these fantastic performances. Look what you guys can do when you actually put organization and effort into things. It blows my mind that this billion-dollar company is succeeding in spite itself in so many ways.”

Ronda Rousey has also retired from professional wrestling for good, but has been labeled bitter woman for her anti-WWE remarks. Nevertheless, Rousey has other things to look forward to in life, and that’s what matters.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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