Tony Khan’s AEW has taken an unexpected step by revealing plans to broadcast previously unseen backstage footage from their highly controversial All In event, which took place in London last year. The announcement has piqued interest as the footage is expected to shed light on the interaction between CM Punk and Jack Perry, a topic that has been a source of speculation and debate within the wrestling community. Interestingly enough, AEW didn’t air anti-CM Punk chants during the show.

AEW EVPs The Young Bucks took the spotlight during the show to talk about their upcoming AEW Dynasty match against FTR. The atmosphere intensified when the All-In footage revealed a heated exchange between Jack Perry and CM Punk. The situation escalated into chaos until Samoa Joe and other backstage staff stepped in to restore order.

Using the moment to their advantage, The Young Bucks reflected on their journey as entrepreneurs, highlighting their loss to FTR at All-In. They also provided evidence that CM Punk was the real instigator in the argument. The live audience also chanted for CM Punk during Dynamite when the footage was being shown.

According to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was revealed that when AEW aired the backstage footage from the All In event at Wembley on Dynamite, it featured CM Punk. Upon seeing Punk, a small chant supporting him broke out among the audience.


However, there was also a reaction to the altercation, with a loud “F*ck CM Punk” chant from the crowd. Despite these reactions, none of them were broadcast on air, leaving viewers at home unaware of the crowd’s mixed response.

”When the Wembley backstage footage aired in the building on Dynamite, and people saw Punk, a small “CM Punk” chant started. There was reaction to the shove, and there was a loud “F*ck CM Punk” chant. None of this made the air.”

AEW’s backstage reaction to airing the All In footage was revealed as well. Even Tony Khan was heavily criticized for this move and Eric Bischoff clowned AEW for the same. Nonetheless, many believe that airing the footage did more harm than good to AEW.

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