Will Ospreay, a significant acquisition for AEW, didn’t hesitate to take aim at Triple H after The Game’s recent comments. Following the remarks, we now have clarification regarding his involvement in the promo.

During a recent appearance on the Pat McAfee Show as part of WWE World, Triple H discussed his approach to hiring new talent for the company. He mentioned that many performers choose other promotions over WWE because they offer a lighter schedule. This insight sheds light on the decisions wrestlers make when considering their careers and work-life balance.

“When I see people coming out of trying to make it, and then they pick a job where, well, they work less, the schedule is lighter, then I’m like, ‘I’m glad I didn’t pick you.’ If you’re not in it for the grind, at that point early in your career, you have no business being here.”

As seen on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Will Ospreay would directly respond to Triple H’s comments and took quite a few personal shots at The Game for good measure. Wade Keller at PWTorch.com reported that Will Ospreay had no involvement in the promo but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


According to Sean Ross Sapp behind Fightful’s paywall, it was reported that the idea for the promo was actually Will Ospreay’s own idea. Ospreay was comfortable with delivering the promo and worked collaboratively with the creative team on it, indicating that there were no issues in crafting or executing the promo.

”Regarding the Will Ospreay promo, we’re told he was fine with cutting that promo, and there were no issues in that regard, and he actually came in to work with the creative team on the promo The shots that were taken at him in the media last weekend puzzled wrestlers across multiple companies, with one WWE talent saying that it was clear that he was attempting to be respectful of the process and WWE after opting to go with AEW for the sake of his family.”

Will Ospreay also discussed his promo with several people backstage. Although there was a consideration to include a shot at CM Punk, especially after Punk’s recent comments about tattoos, the decision was made to avoid the line. Given the overall nature of AEW Dynamite, many felt that such a move would be excessive, so the choice was made to leave it out.

”We’re told he ran the promo by several people backstage, and that at one point a shot at CM Punk was considered after Punk’s tattoo line last week. However, considering the nature of AEW Dynamite, many felt that was overkill and they decided against that.”

Will Ospreay is scheduled to face off against Bryan Danielson at the AEW Dynasty pay-per-view on April 21st. This highly anticipated matchup promises to be an exciting and intense showdown between two of the most skilled performers in the industry. Fans are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the match, which is sure to be a highlight of the event.

Do you feel Will Ospreay had no need to respond to Triple H’s remarks? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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