The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes has fought failures, and multiple battles and reworked his way back to the WWE. Moreover, he not only came back but ascended as the next possible flagship star of the company.

The claim was further cemented at this weekend’s WrestleMania 40 where the Undesirable became the Undeniable. Cody Rhodes defied astronomical odds and defeated Roman Reigns to end his monumental title reign and become the new Undisputed WWE Champion.

However, as mentioned, Cody faced multiple obstacles on his way to stardom, starting with his first failed run in WWE. In recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Cody’s older brother Dustin Rhodes was asked about the reason for his lackluster stint and how Cody embraced change in him to undergo a major career resurgence.

“More wisdom, more business sense, he’s gotten very smart for his age in short period of time and he studies, he is a studier of the business.”


Of course, he made a mark on the entire wrestling industry with multiple stints and returned to WWE in 2022. Fast forward two years later, with Cody Rhodes’ positioned as the face of the era led by WWE CCO Paul “Triple H” Levesque, we will have to wait and see the next story that has begun for him after finishing his last one with the perfect ending at WrestleMania 40.

What are your thoughts on Dustin Rhodes’ perspective on Cody Rhodes’ first WWE run? Sound off in the comments!

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