John Cena will always be credited as one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time, leading the charge for an important WWE era as its flagship star. During Cena’s time as the top guy, the WWE Universe also saw glimpses of his family, most notably his father, John Cena Sr.

The Champ’s dad has been spotted on WWE’s televised programming, be it sitting in attendance to watch his son perform inside the squared circle or get involved in his rivalry against other WWE superstars and even facing some physical consequences.

Moreover, there has been some debate regarding Cena’s father being a part of the wrestling business before The Champ. During recent appearance on the Armchair Podcast with Dax and Monica, the 16-time WWE champion was asked about his father being an announcer, to which he clarified that there was no record of the same.

“That’s what he will tell you. There is no record of that. I will say my dad is a showman. He’s always been a showman and he’s always wanted to show off his skills.”


Interestingly, John Cena has been known to put down many of his opponents with his verbal assaults with his dad being on the receiving end this time. Moving further, Cena made his return to WrestleMania 40 assisting Cody Rhodes’ in neutralizing The Bloodline’s threat in his match against Roman Reigns.

On the following night on RAW, Cena joined the Awesome Truth to score victory over Judgment Day in an impromptu 6-man tag team match. With the time running out on Cena, he himself has stated that the fans can see his one final run sometime at the end of this year before he hangs up his jorts for good.

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