Fresh off his historic victory at WrestleMania 40 Sunday, Cody Rhodes wasted no time in immersing himself in the whirlwind of media engagements, proudly displaying his newly acquired Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

However, keen-eyed fans may have noticed a discrepancy with the title’s side plates, which still bore the emblem of the previous champion, Roman Reigns. Despite Rhodes’ unwavering grip on the title since his triumph, the lingering remnants of Reigns’ reign persisted.

That all changed on Monday night when a significant update occurred: the iconic American Nightmare logo found its rightful place on the prestigious championship belt. With this adjustment, the title now fully reflects Rhodes’ status as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

During his media appearances, Rhodes didn’t shy away from sharing his aspirations for the future of WWE. One notable revelation was his intention to advocate for the return of the revered Winged Eagle Championship, a symbol of wrestling prestige that holds a special place in the hearts of many fans.


“However, I had changed a title previously in the past. I am not in charge of anything. I am not longer an EVP. I have no stroke over anything except for being the champion.”

“I think it would be special to see a championship, one that I grew up on. They know what I’m talking about. I get I’m not in charge of anything. Triple H is in charge of everything but you guys are right. The winged eagle. If it doesn’t happen, don’t get mad at me. I will do what I did last time and I’m going to try my best.”

As Rhodes continues to bask in the glow of his championship victory, his determination to leave an indelible mark on WWE’s legacy is unmistakable. With the support of fans and his unwavering dedication, Rhodes’ journey as champion promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

What do you think about Rhodes’ advocacy for the return of the Winged Eagle Championship, and what impact do you believe his championship reign will have on WWE’s legacy moving forward? Let us know in the comments.

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