CM Punk has found himself having the spotlight in WWE since his return to the company at Survivor Series 2023. Starting off the doubts among millions around the world with Punk’s history with a certain promotion, CM Punk’s return was followed by WWE getting some massive attraction from fans in the industry. 

Punk’s return is dubbed as one of the biggest comebacks in the history of the pro wrestling industry. However, the Best In The World is yet to engage in singles action on WWE TV since his massive return to the Triple H-led company

Addressing the story behind his WWE return, Triple H, during an exclusive interview with WWE’s Megan Morant, revealed that he didn’t believe Punk was returned until the night of the show. Not only that, but the Game came to know about his confirmation right before Survivor Series aired from Chicago. 

“Funny. If you had asked me a few weeks prior to that…there were rumors and all that stuff, but we had zero communication at that point. As we got closer to the event, there was a couple of conversations that happened between Punk and Nick Khan. Nick said to me, ‘Would you be opposed to me having a conversation and seeing where it goes?’ I said, ‘No. I have no issues there. My concern is, what’s the fit?’ It was still a long shot to me when I called Neil Lawi on the WWE music side to see about Cult Of Personality, just in case. Day of the event, I want to say Survivor Series had started. That’s when I got word that ‘we’re going to try to paper this and get it done quick. He’s going to head that way.’ While we were live, on the air with Survivor Series. At that point, maybe five people knew. Right before he arrived at the building, I got word that everything was agreed to. We snuck him in the building, I left Gorilla for a minute to go say hello.


“The other talent, I pulled aside in the break before the match, before they went to the ring. I’m sure there was a lot of mixed emotions. Controversial guy. Over the next day or two, I had a lot of very interesting private conversations with a lot of people to air their differences. We all got to an amicable place. I can say this about CM Punk, is this is a completely different CM Punk than he was when he left. It’s been all for the positive. He’s been nothing but a wonderful employee and a wonderful addition to the team. It’s been so refreshing working with him that we’ve been keeping him part of everything while he’s out injured. It’s been great.”

CM Punk is set to be present alongside the other commentators when he joins them as the Guest commentator for the World Heavyweight Championship match on WrestleMania 40 Sunday. Ringside News will keep you posted with this story. 

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Ishaan Rathi

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