CM Punk’s entrance into AEW initially sparked significant excitement, hinting at a promising new chapter in his career. However, the excitement was short-lived, and Punk’s time in AEW took a downward turn, leading to him sharing his thoughts on the experience during an interview on the MMA Hour. In response to Punk’s remarks, Matt Hardy has now addressed what Punk had to say.

In groundbreaking interview with Ariel Helwani, CM Punk delved into his WWE return, departure from AEW, and a range of other topics. The interview provided a comprehensive exploration of recent controversies and offered valuable insights into his professional journey.

On the other hand, Cody Rhodes disagreed with CM Punk’s assessment of Tony Khan not being good boss. During the latest episode of his podcast, The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy, Hardy discussed the recent interviews with CM Punk and Cody Rhodes.

Matt Hardy noted that at the end of the day, for better or for worse, the whole interview featuring CM Punk was just how CM Punk will always be.


“It definitely created a lot of chatter which is good buzz for the WrestleMania event. I mean, people were definitely talking about it, people were talking about CM Punk’s comments. As far as some of the things he said, to me, it’s very CM Punk. For better or for worse, it was very CM Punk. Its very much who he is. The Cody stuff was cool, I love how Cody still has great respect and greatly acknowledges the Bucks and Kenny and Tony just for starting AEW because it is so important to the industry and that’s just one of the reasons I’m just such a big fan of AEW. Because, it is important, I think it’s paramount for the health and the survival of the industry because competition just makes everything better. It gives people that, are moved out of one place, another option. It’s a huge positive no matter which way you slice it.”

”I do love that Cody does acknowledge those positives about it and I think the fact of the matter is that AEW is going to be very controversial subject when discussed on any kind of WWE programming, specifically depending on who the person is. It’s hard and I know we talk about this, especially with you being a journalist talking about having checks and balances. When someone starts ranting, they’re not able to go all the way into their narrative and can’t control their narrative where you can issue checks and balances and keep them in check. That’s something that is very interesting here, because you have some guys that can do that themself and then you have some guys that don’t want to do that at all and they just want to take their narrative and push it to the end and that’s kind of how I’ll leave that.”

Even Eddie Kingston shared his thoughts on what CM Punk had to say. We have also reported WWE and AEW’s reactions to CM Punk’s explosive interview. Nevertheless, Punk truly opened up a can of worms and nothing will change that.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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