Ronda Rousey has dropped a bombshell in a recent interview with Rachel Hollis on her podcast. The former WWE superstar confessed her aversion to performing in vast stadiums, hinting that if she ever made a wrestling comeback, it would likely be on the independent scene.

In her own words, Rousey articulated her preference, stating, “Honestly, I don’t like performing in big stadiums. Non-televised house shows are my favorite. If I were to continue wrestling, I’d probably do some indie stuff in town. That’s the stuff I enjoy.”

She elaborated on her sentiments, expressing her love for the intimate connection with the audience in smaller venues. Rousey emphasized her desire to simply have fun without the burden of excessive pressure that comes with televised events in massive arenas.

Reflecting on her time in WWE, Rousey highlighted the shift in focus from enjoyment to external expectations. She remarked, “I just want to go out and have fun. That’s kind of what got lost I think because it snowballed into being about the women’s division and trying to elevate everybody.”


Since departing from WWE, Rousey has ventured into the independent circuit, engaging in three matches, including a notable appearance in Ring of Honor alongside her compatriot Marina Shafir. These experiences have reinforced her belief in the gratification derived from smaller-scale shows, untainted by the scrutiny of mass audiences.

In light of Rousey’s revelations, the wrestling community is left pondering the implications of her potential return to the ring, albeit on a different stage. While her departure from the mainstream wrestling scene may have raised eyebrows, her commitment to preserving the essence of enjoyment in her craft serves as a poignant reminder of the intrinsic passion driving athletes.

As fans eagerly await further developments in Rousey’s wrestling journey, one can’t help but wonder whether her stance will inspire a reevaluation of the industry’s priorities. In the meantime, Rousey’s assertion to pursue wrestling on her own terms resonates as a testament to the enduring spirit of authenticity in a realm often overshadowed by spectacle.

As Rousey embarks on her independent wrestling endeavors, her journey invites us all to reflect on the essence of passion and fulfillment in our own pursuits. What are your thoughts on Rousey’s perspective? Feel free to share your insights and feedback in the comment section below.

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