Kelly Kelly was once hailed as a standout talent in WWE’s women’s division, starting out as an enhancement talent to eventually rising to prominence as a top-tier attraction. During her impactful six-year tenure as a full-time in-ring performer from 2006 to 2012, Kelly Kelly made a lasting impression, notably clinching the WWE Divas Championship.

Following her transition from full-time competition amidst her modelling career, Kelly has made sporadic appearances for WWE notably, participating in three women’s Royal Rumble matches, with her most recent appearance being in 2022.

While she is currently not an active part of WWE’s roster, she still has her eye on making a huge comeback for a very specific reason. During recent interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, the former WWE Divas Champion expressed her desire to return to the ring for her boys.

Kelly Kelly stated that it would be a surreal moment for her to perform in front of her twin children, citing the experience of watching fellow WWE peer Michelle McCool competing as her daughter looked on proudly at last year’s Royal Rumble match and being inspired by it.


“I really want my twins to see me wrestle. I think it would be so amazing when they’re like four or five. And I don’t even know if they would still [understand], they probably would get it then. But like seeing that’s my mom and they’re sitting in the front row. And I just remember watching Michelle McCool when she came and did into the Rumble and her daughter was sitting there and her daughter’s face was priceless. I want and I’m like, Oh my gosh, because that’s what I want. If you could just see her daughter’s eyes we’re just so big. And she was just like, that’s my mom, so proud. And I just want that moment for me and my twins one day for them to just be like, That’s my mom and just go out there and kick some butt for a few minutes.”

With fans eagerly anticipating Kelly Kelly’s potential comeback to WWE television, there is a tangible sense of excitement surrounding the prospect of her resurgence in some capacity, evoking nostalgic memories of her impactful presence in the ring.

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