Sarah Logan was released from WWE due to budget cuts back in 2020 but she made her return as Valhalla couple of years later. Valhalla has now admitted that she was creatively confused during her first run in WWE.

The trio consisting of Ivar, Erik, and Valhalla is collectively known as The Viking Raiders. Currently, Erik is sidelined following neck surgery, leaving Valhalla and Ivar as the sole representatives of the group on-screen.

In an interview with ComicBook Nation, she described this chapter as a departure from her previous stint, feeling creatively liberated. Reflecting on her past persona as Sarah Logan, she admitted to feeling creatively adrift at times. However, as Valhalla, she found herself fully immersed in the Viking character, complete with antlers, furs, and paint, which received enthusiastic approval from management.

Yeah, in so many aspects (this current WWE run is different from my first). Where I was in my life, who I am as a person, where I’m at creatively. I literally showed up as Valhalla with the antlers and the furs and the paint and Hunter was like, ‘Great!’ So, what you see on TV with our characters and even our promos, writing a Viking promo is hard so we write them. The writers will be like, ‘We kind of want to talk about this’ and we’ll be like, ‘Sweet. We got it’ so, I have found myself in a creative space in WWE that’s pretty free. So it’s been an amazing journey creatively.


Valhalla emphasized the collaborative process behind their character development, revealing that she and her husband, Erik, often contribute to writing their own promos, especially given the unique challenge of crafting Viking-themed speeches.

Valhalla expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside her spouse, cherishing the ability to bring their child, Cash, on the road with them. Valhalla acknowledged her blessings and vowed to savor every moment in the industry, mindful of its transient nature. She further added that she was creatively confused as Sarah Logan during her first run in WWE.

I’m paired with my husband which is amazing so, we bring Cash (Valhalla & Erik’s child) on the road wherever we go and it has been very fulfilling and the fact that I have such a beautiful home to come to, I’m so blessed right now just with, you know… thank God for it every day but, it’s definitely something that I’m trying not to take for granted and I’m trying to kind of take it as slow as I can because the wrestling doesn’t last forever so I’m trying to take it in and be thankful and appreciative and selfless about it. But I’m definitely in a lot different creative space obviously than what I was as Sarah Logan. I was confused a lot of times as Sarah Logan. I’m like, ‘Am I a country thing?… Can I do this Viking thing?’ I can do it but not a lot… So the fact that I’m just like full send with the Viking stuff has been awesome.

Valhalla frequently accompanies Ivar to the ring for his singles matches. His most recent match took place on the March 4th episode of Raw against Sami Zayn. As for Valhalla herself, her last in-ring appearance was on the February 19th episode of RAW, where she competed in a Battle Royal. We’ll have to see what’s next in store for Valhalla.

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