WWE is setting the stage for an electrifying showdown between two rising NXT superstars, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. Their tumultuous partnership has taken a dramatic turn, culminating in a highly anticipated clash at NXT Stand And Deliver on WrestleMania weekend.

According to Fightful Select, there’s a strong inclination for the Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes bout to headline Stand And Deliver. While the final decision is pending and could potentially sway towards Ilja Dragunov and Tony D’Angelo, authorities are fervently advocating for the intense narrative between Williams and Hayes to seize the spotlight.

A pivotal figure in shaping this gripping storyline is none other than WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels. Michaels, known for his astute creative vision, has been actively involved in orchestrating the trajectory of the feud alongside Carmelo and Williams. It’s evident that Michaels’ backing has been instrumental in propelling Hayes’ journey.

Amidst the anticipation surrounding this clash, many fans are curious about the future prospects of both competitors. Sources close to the situation revealed that Carmelo has been earmarked for a main roster transition since before the Royal Rumble, with plans for a full-time move anticipated in the summer.


“Many have asked us about what the status of both men’s callups are. One source told Fightful Select that Carmelo has been set for his main roster callup since prior to the Royal Rumble and is expected to move up to the main roster fulltime in the summer.”

As for Trick Williams, his unexpected appearance on SmackDown in January garnered significant attention from officials. While there have been discussions about extending their rivalry onto the main roster post Stand And Deliver, Williams’ future plans beyond the marquee event remain uncertain.

“Officials took notice of the reaction Williams got in his surprise SmackDown appearance back in January. There have been pitches for the pair to continue their rivalry on the main roster after Stand And Deliver, but Williams’ plans past the Premium Live Event remain unclear.”

As the countdown to NXT Stand And Deliver intensifies, the stakes couldn’t be higher for Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. Will their clash steal the show as the main event, or will another showdown take center stage? The WWE Universe awaits with bated breath.

What are your thoughts on the trajectory of Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams? Do you believe their rivalry has the potential to transcend NXT and captivate audiences on the main roster? We’d love to hear your insights and predictions. Leave your feedback below!

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