The Rock, apart from his dynamic persona, in the wrestling and Hollywood world, continues to showcase his versatility as a savvy entrepreneur. However, it seems that WWE personnel, Shane Helms, popularly known as The Hurricane is trying to rip the fruits of The Great One’s business ventures.

The Rock recently entered the Men’s Grooming industry with his latest endeavor, Papatui partnering with leading experts and aiming to revolutionize men’s grooming with cutting-edge solutions tailored to their specific needs.

In a surprising move, The Rock made an impromptu visit to Target store, the exclusive partner of Papatui, to promote his new product line. The People’s Champion’s unexpected appearance delighted customers, who were thrilled to see him in person and he took the time to interact with fans and pose for photos.

However, The Hurricane capitalized on the opportunity and took to his X to promote his own WWE Pop-Up toy at The Rock’s expense, which would also be available at Target stores starting on April 4, while openly acknowledging himself to be shameless.


“Also available only on @Target shelves on April 4th … 😎😎👍🏻 #MeSoShameless.”

Of course, The Rock and The Hurricane have some history back in 2003 when both were involved in comedic segments and the masked superstar scored an upset victory over The Great One, who portrayed his Hollywood Rock character at the time.

The Rock has resurrected the villainous persona once again, amidst his feud with Cody Rhodes on the road to WrestleMania 40 which the fans have been enjoying on a weekly basis. With Hurrican trying to pull off this stunt, we will have to wait and see if The Final Boss would have something to say regarding that as the road to WrestleMania approaches its final destination.

What are your thoughts on The Hurricane trying to promote his merchandise at the expense of The Rock? Sound off in the comments!

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