The Rock has been a remarkable influence not only in the wrestling world but also in the world of American Football following his acquisition of the XFL years ago and looking to create a beacon of opportunity for aspiring players like he was once during his early years.

However, The Great One has recently taken into consideration the influence and love of football for Larry David, more popularly known as the Goalpost hater, on improvements for the XFL league, now known as the UFL following the merger of XFL and USFL last year.

The Rock took to his X account to respond to the interview in which Larry David revealed that he pitched the idea to him to remove the goalpost alongside other changes he can make in the XFL in regards to the game rules.

The People’s Champion seemingly revealed that he had already taken Larry’s suggestions and implemented new and innovative rules last season.


“LOVE my guy Larry David. He hates goalposts and field goal kicks 😂 – we had a spirited and very productive conversation. At the end of the day, like me and all of us fans – he loves the game of football. We at the XFL had already implemented new innovative rules last season that…”

Apart from this, The Rock has become a regular fixture on WWE’s television programming and resurrected his old heel persona, now called The Final Boss on the road to WrestleMania 40.

He is scheduled to make his return to the ring, teaming up with his cousin Roman Reigns to battle the duo of Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes on Night 1 of the show with major implications for Reigns vs Rhodes’ main event title showdown on Night 2.

What are your thoughts on The Rock implementing changes based on conversations with Larry David? Sound off in the comments!

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