The Rock’s current heel persona seamlessly blends his Hollywood charisma with the attitude he exhibited in the late 90s, captivating fans with his dynamic character. He has also been calling himself the ”Final Boss” lately, and it appears he has been accused of stealing that particular moniker.

In recent weeks, The Rock has asserted himself as the “Final Boss” in the lead-up to the highly anticipated showdown at WrestleMania Night 1, where he and Roman Reigns are set to clash against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins in a high-stakes tag team match.

Furthermore, The Great One has taken every opportunity to verbally dismantle Rhodes and his family lineage under the guise of the “Final Boss” persona. The intensity of The Rock’s verbal onslaught was unmistakable during his recent revival of the infamous ‘Rock Concert’ segment on SmackDown, where he spared no one in delivering cutting remarks aimed at Rhodes and his entire family.

While speaking on the Hall of Fame podcast, Brad Gilmore pointed out to Booker T that The Rock calling himself the ”Final Boss’ is a gimmick infringement. Booker T expressed his feelings regarding The Rock’s recent actions, suggesting that in the past, he would have received a phone call about such matters. However, this time, no call was made, implying that The Rock may feel empowered to act as he pleases due to his position on the board.


”Last time, you know, something like that went down they gave me a phone call you know, what I mean. You know, is it cool this time they didn’t give me a call on us? You know Rock though, he feel like you know since he on the Board he can do what he want he pretty much do what he want to do I mean but we gonna have to check his ass.”

Booker T hinted at potential legal action for copyright infringement but also left room for negotiation, stating that they could settle the matter out of court through discussion.

”A lawsuit might be coming, I’m just gonna have to do that. Look here we can settle out of court, we ain’t got to get there you know what I mean we ain’t even got to get there, you know, let’s talk about it.”

The Rock has already been announced for the April 1st edition of Monday Night RAW. Nevertheless, we will have to wait and see whether The Rock will respond to what Booker T had to say.

Do you feel The Rock should have taken Booker T’s permission to use the ”Final Boss” moniker? Sound off in the comments section below!

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