Matt Hardy has enjoyed a celebrated career marked by significant accomplishments across multiple wrestling promotions over numerous decades. With his contract expiration looming, he made a surprise appearance in the crowd on RAW this week. Hardy has since disclosed the reason behind his presence, shedding light on the motive for his appearance at the event.

Matt Hardy was spotted among the audience during this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. Matt Hardy was even seen interacting with fans even after the show as well.

During an episode of Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy revealed the reason behind his presence at RAW this week. He explained that he and his wife make an effort to have date nights once or twice a week, and on this particular occasion, they were enjoying dinner in Raleigh, which is close to the Hardy compound. Hardy’s wife was contacted by a friend who was at the PNC Arena in Raleigh, where they had a suite for the event.

“Myself and my wife, we try to do once, maybe twice a week, we had a date night where it was just me and her without kids. We were eating in Raleigh. We were having a great dinner in Raleigh. She was contacted by one of her friends that she does a spa with inside of Raleigh. Raleigh is just a few miles from the Hardy compound. Everyone knows that. They had a suite, which they always have over at the PNC, which is the arena in Raleigh. They invited Reby over to the deal and said, Hey, you want to come hang out? There’s free food, there’s this, whatever. We’d like to see you.’ Reby said, ‘We should go by there. I’d like to see my friend.’ I said, ‘I really wouldn’t want to go by there.’ She said, They’re in a skybox. It’s closed off.’ 


Although Hardy initially hesitated to attend, his wife convinced him to join her, assuring him that the suite was secluded and they wouldn’t arrive until late. Hardy agreed, and while there, he was recognized by fans who formed a line for photos. Despite the unexpected attention, Hardy emphasized that it was all innocent and unplanned.

We wouldn’t be getting there till 8:45 or 9:00. We actually went. Reby hung out with her friends for a little bit. While I was there, the skybox, the suite, was pretty open in the front, and yes, I did get recognized. People started forming a line to take photos with me and whatnot. We got out of there about 10:30. I was there probably 80 or 90 minutes altogether and I probably took 200 photos, which once word got out that I was there, it was like crazy. There was literally at one point a line and security came and had to make them move against the wall so I could take photos with them.” My wife went to hang out and I was there. It was a very innocent thing at the end of the day.

We also reported that Matt Hardy didn’t have any talks with WWE during his visit on RAW this week. Matt Hardy’s AEW contract status remains uncertain even now. We will have to wait and see whether Hardy will end up returning to WWE after four years away from the promotion in the end.

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