Sean Waltman, more popularly known as X-Pac in the wrestling world had a mediocre run as a singles star in various promotions including WWE. But it was during his time as a member of D-Generation X that established him as a famous act back in the late 1990s and recently got a throwback of those days, courtesy of a fellow member’s lookalike.

The former WWE tag team champion was a part of the notorious faction, comprising the New Age Outlaws, Road Dogg, and Billy Gunn, and was led by the leader of the DX era after Shawn Michaels left the company due to injury, WWE CCO Triple H.

But there was one more member in the faction who was also Triple H’s girlfriend at the time and later on developed a close association with X-Pac, the Ninth Wonder of the World, and WWE Hall of Famer, Chyna, real-life name Joanie Laurer.

After the end of their respective WWE runs, Chyna and Sean Waltman collaborated with each other for multiple videographic content in the adult entertainment industry with their partnership lasting for years.


Recently, Sean Waltman took to his X to reveal that he met Chyna’s doppelganger at an event in Manchester and looked very happy meeting the fan who almost looks like the former WWE Women’s champion at first glance.

“I met her in Manchester last week. Incredible, right?”

Of course, we all know that was indeed a doppelganger as Chyna passed away back in 2016. After WWE distanced herself from Chyna for a while, they finally immortalized her legacy alongside X-Pac and other DX members when they were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2019 despite the demand for her single induction prevailing for long time.

What are your thoughts on Sean Waltman sharing a photo of himself with Chyna’s striking look-a-like? Sound off in the comments!

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