Jim Ross has been the voice of several generations of fans, dedicating decades of his life to the business. Currently, Ross is a major part of AEW, where he continues to showcase his  talent. Being such a legendary name, Ross made it clear he is open to a biopic on his life despite the hurdles.

Jim Ross, 72, is a legendary commentator in wrestling history, with a career spanning since 1974. He worked for Jim Crockett Promotions and WCW before joining WWE, where he had a significant run both on-screen and behind the scenes.

As a WWE Hall of Famer, Ross has been with AEW since 2019, calling action for some of the company’s top moments. With his remarkable journey, one might ponder what a movie about Jim Ross would entail.

Speaking on Grilling JR, Jim Ross was asked about turning his life into a movie. He expressed interest in having a biopic on his life despite the fact that there will be a lot of hurdles and planning involved.


“Sure, if it’s going to make some money and be an interesting project to consume, but those things take a whole life of their own. There may be years of development, so I’ve never looked at it really seriously, but saying I’d turn it down would be a falsehood. It would be fun, but it is a massive undertaking. Massive. I saw something online the other day where some show was getting ready to be produced, and it had been in development for four and a half years. Hell, I don’t know if I have four and a half years left to babysit it.

“Then you get into the creative process. I was surprised, pleasantly so, that the Von Erich movie did as well as it did creatively. They all seemed to be on the same page. That’s probably because there weren’t too many cooks in the kitchen. Kevin Von Erich seemed to be the point man as far as the family is concerned. That makes it easier. I can only imagine how it would have been if it was all the brothers. It’s just a major undertaking, and it’s a young man’s business. Maybe someday, somebody will have the idea to do something based on my three books. The next book is imminent.”

Jim Ross confirmed that 2024 will be his final year as commentator. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether Jim Ross will ever get a biopic based on his life, as fans would certainly love to see it.

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