The wrestling world had expected bigger things from the tenured promotion, TNA Wrestling following its rebranding in January 2024. However, current TNA star Rhyno had an opposite statement after TNA chose to let go of one of its important fixtures and company President Scott D’Amore.

Scott D’Amore has become a prominent figure in wrestling news worldwide following his abrupt exit from TNA. His departure as the former president of TNA Wrestling left many stars and fans disheartened. Reports surfaced indicating that D’Amore’s termination stemmed from a disconnect with Len Asper, CEO of Anthem Sports, regarding the future direction of TNA Wrestling. Their differing visions for the company led to a parting of ways.

Subsequent updates also revealed that D’Amore attempted to make purchase offer for TNA, proposing a $10 million offer in addition to assuming all existing debts of the company. However, Asper opted to reject the offer outright without presenting a counterproposal, choosing to retain control of TNA under Anthem Sports.

With D’Amore gone from the mix, the company has certainly taken different direction in terms of its televised programming, creative process, and bookings of superstars. However, wrestling legend and current TNA star Rhyno stated during an appearance for Monopoly Events that he was not happy about the change in management labeling it unfortunate.


Yet, he still hoped that the current roster and personnel would embrace the change to proudly carry the legacy forward, and do what is best for the company.

It sucks that there’s a change in management, it’s unfortunate but sometimes in life as a veteran in wrestling, you have to be a leader in the locker room. It’s like, okay let’s see how this thing rolls out with new management, and let’s put our best foot forward, and let’s do what we do and kick ass. Sometimes people don’t like change, but sometimes you have to embrace and then see where it takes you, and then if it’s not for you just move on. Hopefully, for the wrestling business, it continues to move forward because a lot of good wrestling promotions out there are good for the wrestling business.

Despite the change in TNA management, Rhyno alongside other superstars in the locker room is looking towards the dawning of a new era with new opportunities on the horizon for them to ascend to the top of the wrestling business.

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