As the countdown to NXT Stand and Deliver draws near, the ferocious demeanor of one of NXT’s Prodigy, Roxanne Perez, was unmistakably evident as she has been targeting NXT Women’s champion Lyra Valkyra in recent weeks, who has finally fired back with a statement to her rival at the expense of WWE Legend, AJ Lee.

Lyra took to her Instagram to drop a photo of AJ Lee hugging a young Roxanne Perez and clearly stated that Roxanne would have to tell the young fan girl who was passionate and respectful that she made all the wrong choices and paid for it dearly in their upcoming clash.

“What are the odds. Maybe in another world we would have been friends. But there can only be one NXT Womens champion. @roxanne_wwe you’re gonna have to look in the mirror and tell that little girl why you made all the wrong choices. At @wwenxt Stand and Deliver, you will pay.”

In her relentless pursuit of the NXT Women’s championship, Roxanne Perez’s frustration boiled over, resulting in a brutal assault on Lyra Valkyria, which left her hospitalized a few weeks ago.


Moreover, in an epic showdown on last night’s NXT episode, Roxanne faced off against Lyra’s ally, Tatum Paxley in the opening match. Despite her courageous efforts, she ultimately, fell victim to Perez’s signature cross-face submission maneuver.

However, Valkyria made her return right after she demanded her rightful title shot and despite her valiant attempt to seek vengeance, Roxanne swiftly overpowered her and left her beaten once again. With tensions running high, NXT General Manager Ava intervened backstage, granting Valkyria’s request for a title match against Perez at the upcoming NXT Stand and Deliver pay-per-view.

With the stage set for an explosive showdown between Valkyria and Perez, NXT Stand and Deliver promises to be a spectacle of vengeance, redemption, and unyielding competition.

Nikunj Walia

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