WWE Universe has seen a new and dangerous side of Roxanne Perez in recent months that has been completely unhinged and created massive havoc over the entire locker room.

Last week on the show, Perez displayed the ultimate act of carnage by injuring NXT Women’s champion Lyra Valkyria after her match. The extent of the attack was so bad that she had to be carried out on a stretcher and go straight to the hospital.

The Prodigy came to tonight’s edition of NXT to lay an explanation for her recent change in personality and actions from last week. Roxanne began by mentioning her famous encounter with Meiko Satomura at NXT Roadblock last year, where she defended the Women’s title, but passed out from the physical extent of the bout.

She then dropped her title to Indi Hartwell and since then, struggled to win it back, claiming to not have been given a fair opportunity. Moreover, she heckled the NXT Universe for berating her, while they enjoyed her contemporaries inside the squared circle.


She then shifted her focus to Lyra Valkyria and claimed that she deserved what she got last week. Moreover, she noted that it was just last year this time that she was sent to the hospital and how the tables had turned with Lyra finding herself in the same spot and taking credit for the rise and fall of the NXT Women’s champion.

The end of the segment saw NXT General Manager Ava come out to try and knock some sense into Roxanne. However just before she could finish, Lyra Valkyria’s trusted ally Tatum Paxey came from the crowd, looking to avenge her friend, but were stopped by the NXT officials, as Roxanne Perez left with a smile on her face.

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