The intense rivalry between long-time best friends turned bitter rivals, Adam Copeland and Christian Cage, reached a climactic and brutal chapter as fans in Toronto bore witness to a grueling ‘I Quit’ match on tonight’s edition of AEW Dynamite.

The animosity between Christian Cage and Adam Copeland has been building ever since Cage’s arrival in the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) landscape last year at AEW WrestleDream. Their feud intensified with each man picking up victories over the other, culminating in a vicious attack by Cage’s faction, The Patriarchy, that left Copeland sidelined for weeks.

The Rated-R superstar made a triumphant return to AEW last week, seeking revenge on Cage. This led to a relentless pursuit across the arena, ultimately resulting in Copeland challenging Cage to settle their differences in an ‘I Quit’ match for the TNT championship, right in their hometown of Toronto, the setting for tonight’s AEW Dynamite.

From the onset, the match was a physical spectacle, traversing from the ring into the crowd, with both men donning hockey jerseys at one point. The brawl continued backstage, with punches exchanged in various locations before returning to ringside.


Christian Cage and Adam Copeland spared no brutality, introducing multiple foreign objects into the fray, including tables, ladders, and chairs. Despite Cage’s attempt to walk away from the match, Copeland relentlessly pursued him, ensuring the fight raged on, even reaching the stage area.

The tide momentarily turned in Cage’s favor with the interference of Shayna Wayne, a member of The Patriarchy, who struck Copeland low with a hockey stick. However, Copeland persevered and came close to forcing Cage to utter the fateful words “I Quit.”

As the match approached its climax, the ring became a battleground with both factions getting involved. Copeland received timely backup from Christian’s former rivals, Daddy Magic and Daniel Garcia, who helped restrain The Patriarchy members. With Cage handcuffed and defenseless, Copeland delivered a decisive blow, forcing Cage to submit and crowning himself the new TNT champion, concluding a dramatic showdown.

The ‘I Quit’ match between Adam Copeland and Christian Cage showcased the intensity and animosity that has defined their rivalry. As the dust settles on this brutal encounter, the wrestling world eagerly awaits what’s next for these two fierce competitors.

What are your thoughts on the grueling ‘I Quit’ match between Adam Copeland and Christian Cage? Share your reactions and predictions for the future of their rivalry in the comments below!

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