Current AEW star Malakai Black is a name millions around the world want to watch more often on TV. Since his inception of the House of Black, followed by the addition of Buddy Matthews, Brody King, and Julia Hart to the faction, Black has stopped making regular appearances on TV. 

However, the former WWE superstar has been busy training the younger generations to help them learn some of the most unique and exciting things about the wrestling world. Black is known for his intriguing in-ring skills and brilliant character work for his time in WWE and his current stint in AEW. 

Being one of the most popular names in the industry, Black was asked about his philosophy on wrestling in an interview on Developmentally Speaking. The former WWE star stated that the sport needed more emotion and also praised the WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther for his incredible work. 

“No, that’s one of those things where I feel it’s become very convoluted. I’ve heard things come out of people’s mouths that have been wrestling for seven-eight years where I’m like, ‘Man, shut up.’ [Laughs]… Wrestling needs emotion. Wrestling needs genuine interest, genuine love, and genuine anger. I feel like a lot of wrestling nowadays is based upon making…I don’t mean this in an attacking way because this is a notion where I’m attacking athletic ability because there are kids out there who can do things I’ll never be able to do.


“Wrestling needs less Michael Bay and more thought-provoking methodology. You take guys like Gunther, who are insanely good. I don’t think I’ve ever watched that man have a match that made me, ‘Eh.’ He’s so incredibly good, and that is in a modern setting. He knows how to draw emotion out and that’s why I’ve always been into character stuff and building stuff throughout these lenses of characters because it allows an audience member to connect from an emotional level, whether you agree or not with what he says or not says, and leaving it up for you to decide…”

Malakai Black’s words clearly revealed that wrestling as a whole has been very successful. But adding a bit more emotions to the character work of stars would help the promotions build their roster. Stay connected to Ringside News to get the latest updates on the wrestling industry. 

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Ishaan Rathi

Ishaan has been a follower of wrestling for more than a decade now. His passion to learn new things and enhance his skills has helped him get experience as a writer at websites like GiveMeSport and Fansided. He has also held content manager and editorial roles in FirstSportz before. Apart from wrestling, Ishaan seeks to take time and watch movies and TV shows.

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