WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, celebrated for his legendary career and iconic matchups across wrestling promotions, is contemplating retirement. Driven by a desire to participate in one last Death Match, Foley finds himself uncertain whether he’ll have the opportunity to do so.

Mick Foley disclosed his contemplation of emerging from retirement for a final match on his 60th birthday. The Hall of Famer clarified that if this return were to materialize, it would be within the context of deathmatch, explicitly stating that it would have to be held outside of WWE.

In preparation for his upcoming retirement match, wrestling legend Mick Foley has committed to a significant weight loss journey, setting a goal to shed 100 pounds.

During a Sign-it-Live session for Highspots, Mick Foley revealed his uncertainty about returning for one more match. Despite his desire to do so, he expressed concerns about his weight loss progress not meeting his expectations.


Foley emphasized that his decision isn’t motivated by money, but rather the desire to have a fun match. He mentioned that he’ll need to reassess his situation as he continues to work out and improve his fitness. Foley stated that he’ll have a firm decision by early 2025. He also mentioned that there are various potential opponents for such a match.

”Yeah (I’m looking to do one more match). But I’d have to lose an extraordinary amount of weight and it’s not falling off like I hoped it would. So I’m gonna have to reexamine where I am at a certain point. It’s not about the money. I wanna have a fun match but I am having trouble. I’ve been working out, I feel better, moving better but it’s not showing up as of yet on the scale. So I’m not sure. I’ll have an answer by the beginning of the year… There’s a lot of different options (opponent-wise) to do such a thing.”

Alongside his weight loss journey, fellow wrestler RVD expressed his desire to be Mick Foley’s final opponent. It remains to be seen whether The Hardcore Legend will have one last match in the future.

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