Thunder Rosa is one of the best in-ring female pro wrestlers in the business right now. She improved significantly over the years to reach the level that she is on, but that didn’t make her the most effective Women’s Champion. Toni Storm was initially planned to beat Rosa at All Out, but the match did not take place.

Despite not fighting at All Out, insiders told Fightful that Thunder Rosa has a strong rivalry with many of the competitors. Voices of Wrestling said that Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker had a long-standing animosity between one another. Nevertheless, the two made an effort to maintain their professionalism and cooperate.

Rosa and Baker continue to be receptive to doing so for the sake of merely carrying out their tasks. Rosa, on the other hand, had recently had her nose smashed in a match, and Jamie Hayter had started to get hot for her.

Rosa has received a lot of flak as a result of her rigid performance in the ring. Before Dynamite, it became known that Thunder Rosa had an injury and would not be able to compete in All Out. According to information obtained by Sean Sapp behind Fightful’s paywall, Toni Storm was supposed to win the match and take home the AEW Women’s Title. She will now fight against Hikaru Shida, Dr. Britt Baker DMD, and Jamie Hayter for the interim AEW Women’s Title.


Word emerged shortly before Dynamite that Thunder Rosa was injured, and wouldn’t be competing at All Out. Fightful Select had gained word that the original plan was for Toni Storm to emerge victorious and win the AEW Women’s Title. Now, she’ll compete for the Interim AEW Women’s Title against Hikaru Shida, Dr. Britt Baker DMD and Jamie Hayter.

We’ve not learned of the creative plans set for the title since. We’ve had talent contact us on both sides of things regarding Rosa, with many saying that she’s worked hard to help get other young women’s talent booked, and others that perceive her as developing an ego and being difficult to work with.

Those that we’ve talked to who work with her at Mission Pro Wrestling have had positive things to say about her leadership when she’s around. We’ve been unable to confirm their reports that Thunder Rosa hid in a bathroom after the Jamie Hayter spot. Rosa is said to have been injured, but the actual injury is unknown, speculated to be related to bulging discs. The extent of the injury isn’t known, but it isn’t a kayfabe situation by the company. We’ve reached out to Rosa but haven’t heard back.

Rosa is claimed to have been hurt, though it is unclear exactly what happened. It is likely related to her bulging discs. Although the severity of the harm is unknown, the company has not engaged in kayfabe. Stay tuned to Ringside News for latest news and updates.

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