The ongoing feud between Cody Rhodes and his long-standing adversary, Roman Reigns, has escalated to involve their respective families. The latest salvo came from the Rhodes household, taking an unexpected turn with their dog, Pharoah, becoming a focal point.

The Rock has been actively taking shots at Cody, even extending the banter to involve Cody’s trusted pet, Pharoah.

The Rock didn’t hold back, referring to Pharoah as a “goofy a** dog.” Cody Rhodes openly expressed his displeasure with this comment during one of his appearances on RAW. The rivalry between the two wrestling stars has not only intensified in the ring but has also spilled over into personal and unexpected territory.

Moreover, The Great One once again laid a verbal assault on Pharoah hours before he was scheduled to appear on tonight’s edition of SmackDown. However, this time things ended in the favor of the Rhodes household as Cody smacked The Rock for insulting his family at the conclusion of the show.


Brandi immediately noticed and took to her X to subtly mention the slap stating that it was for Pharoah and slammed The People’s champion for thinking that he owned the microphone to say anything he desired.

“That’s for Pharaoh and thinking every night is open mic night.”

Cody Rhodes will have a chance to avenge everything The Rock has said about his family at WrestleMania 40 when he and Seth Rollins will team up to battle The Brahma Bull and his cousin, Roman Reigns at WrestleMania Night 1 with high-stakes implications involved.

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