Mercedes Mone is ready to reemerge back into the wrestling world after an extended time away from the squared circle due to an unfortunate ankle injury.

However, before she is ready to embark on the next chapter of her storied career, the CEO of women’s wrestling finally opened up about her ghosts from the past i.e. her unceremonious exit from WWE.

Mone, then known as Sasha Banks in the global juggernaut infamously walked out of WWE back in May 2022 alongside Naomi. Her reason was reportedly cited to be creative frustrations and her position in the women’s division.

It has been two years since the incident and everyone has their own theories regarding Mercedes’ departure. But it was during her recent appearance at the Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast that she finally addressed the situation.


“Something told me I needed to do this & stand up for myself. It was a very hard decision because wrestling in WWE has been my whole life, hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my whole life but it’s the most proudest, it’s crazy because I would not be sitting here, living the best version of my life, in getting to be everything I’ve ever dreamt of — & more.

That moment changed my whole life for the better. I’m so thankful for that moment, so proud of myself, so proud of Trinity, so proud of how strong we were. I just know that everybody acted like they were in the room, or work there, or were backstage, or knew what happened, or knew what said…but all I know is that I handled it like a CEO, like the boss that I am, with my head held up high & I can’t say nothing but amazing things to WWE, so thankful for the career they gave me, the fans they gave me, the life they gave me, the dreams they gave me.”

Mercedes Mone wanted to become the best version of herself, venture out to other bastions, and make a worldwide name, hence, led to her exit from WWE. Moreover, she is expected to make her debut in AEW next week at their special show, Big Business.

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Nikunj Walia

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