CNN’s period has come to an end at their historic Atlanta headquarters. The media powerhouse has decided to move away from their home of Atlanta and strip the iconic red letters from the building.

Fox Atlanta reported, CNN has removed the red initials from the former CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia, marking the end of an era for the iconic building. The letters have been synonymous with the media giant since 1987 and housed the headquarters of WCW during Turner Broadcasting’s ownership of the promotion.

This move comes as part of CNN’s plans to relocate its headquarters from the downtown complex to the Techwood Turner Broadcasting campus in Midtown Atlanta. The removal of the iconic red letters signifies a huge transition for CNN and the building’s legacy, which has housed numerous pivotal moments in broadcasting history.

In 2021, AT&T, CNN’s former parent company, sold the CNN Center to CP Group and Rialto Capital, two Florida-based real estate businesses, for about $164 million. This sale paved the way for CNN’s exit from the downtown complex, signaling the end of an era for the famous structure. It should be noted, the exact duration for which the site will retain the title of the CNN Center remains uncertain.


Despite the relocation of the channel’s weekday anchors to New York or Washington, CNN maintains digital and CNN International operations in Atlanta, underscoring the city’s continued importance to the network. A Turner spokeswoman informed AdWeek that the signage will be refurbished for many weeks before being installed at the Midtown campus.

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