Reflecting on her experience at WWE Elimination Chamber, Tiffany Stratton, who joined SmackDown in February, expressed gratitude for the support she received from the Perth crowd. Despite not winning the Women’s Elimination Chamber match, Stratton was encouraged by the chants for her during the press event and throughout the match. In a digital exclusive afterward, she even speculated that louder cheers might have propelled her to victory.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Stratton recalled how the chants of her name before her entrance at the press conference boosted her confidence as a newcomer to the wrestling scene. She left Perth with newfound assurance in her abilities.

“Going into it, I was the rookie, and I felt like nobody was really going to know who I was, so the fact that they were chanting my name before I even came out at the press conference was so reassuring for me, and I definitely left Perth with a newfound confidence.”

When asked if she had forgiven Australia for her loss, Stratton graciously acknowledged the country’s support and expressed her gratitude. She also discussed her significant improvement over the past year, citing increased confidence as a key factor. Despite her initial uncertainty in the ring, Stratton now feels confident and assured of her abilities after numerous TV matches and live performances.


“With being so new to wrestling, my confidence for sure was one thing that kind of wasn’t as good as it is now. I really didn’t know what I was doing in the very beginning, and now I have had so many matches on TV, in front of live crowds, so I feel like now I am truly confident, and I know who I am in the ring.”

Describing her main roster debut as a “trial by fire,” Stratton expressed her desire to compete at another major premium live event in the future, highlighting her ambition and determination to continue making her mark in the wrestling world.

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