After the conclusion of AEW Revolution, Sting called his sons into the ring, setting a poignant scene. With a heartfelt gesture, he beckoned AEW President Tony Khan to join him. Khan expressed gratitude to the Greensboro crowd for honoring Sting on what he dubbed the greatest “wrestling PPV of all time.”

Darby Allin, visibly grateful, extended his thanks to everyone, ensuring they got their money’s worth as promised by Sting. Darby then humorously announced his trip to the hospital, prompting Sting to jestingly request a text update on the number of stitches he receives.

Spotting Tony Schiavone ringside, Sting invited him to the mic for one last iconic “It’s Sting” moment, which resonated throughout the arena.

In a heartwarming display of camaraderie, the entire AEW roster and numerous officials gathered on stage, showering Sting with applause while a resounding “Thank you Sting” chant echoed through the arena.


Embracing his sons in the ring, Sting bid farewell to the crowd, exiting to his iconic theme music. As he reached the stage, he began embracing each individual, spreading gratitude and warmth throughout the arena. From ringside fans to his own family, Sting shared heartfelt moments of connection with everyone present, including wrestling luminaries like Justin Roberts and David Crockett.

Making his way backstage, Sting didn’t forget to capture a moment with Dax Harwood, snapping a selfie before continuing his journey. Returning to the entrance stage one last time, Sting was formally announced by Justin Roberts, a fitting conclusion to a legendary career.

How do you think Sting’s farewell at AEW Revolution will be remembered in the annals of professional wrestling history? What impact do you believe his departure will have on the wrestling landscape, particularly within AEW? Let us know in the comments below.

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