Sting’s retirement as a tag team champion has sparked discussions within AEW regarding the future of the tag team title picture.

While plans are underway to resolve the situation, sources indicated to Fightful Select that Darby Allin isn’t expected to retain the titles with a new partner. AEW had decided weeks ago for the Young Bucks to emerge without winning the titles, intending to keep them in the vicinity of the tag team title scene.

AEW and Tony Khan were steadfast in ensuring that Sting departed on a high note, as a champion. The company has consistently emphasized the importance of honoring Sting appropriately, reflecting management’s deep respect for the wrestling icon.

Sting headlining and main eventing his retirement show was a decision made early on, following his announcement of retirement. He played significant role in selecting the Young Bucks as his final opponents. Additionally, adjustments were made to the event’s location to better suit Sting’s retirement, with plans to address concerns for fans in the Midwest in the near future.


Backstage at a recent event in Huntington, there was a noticeable sentiment among talent, with many vying for keepsakes such as bats hanging from the ceiling and seeking autographs from Sting. Wrestling legends like Lex Luger, Ricky Steamboat, and Scotty Riggs were present backstage, openly showing their support for Sting.

Following Sting’s signal to his sons, they accompanied him to the backstage area, only to return later for Sting’s off-air speech. Tony Khan was brought out and thanked by Sting, with the entire roster joining on the ramp to bid farewell to the wrestling icon. Darby Allin added a lighthearted note, joking about his impending trip to the hospital.

As of now, there are no further scheduled appearances for Sting, marking the end of an illustrious career in professional wrestling.

How do you think AEW will navigate the landscape of tag team wrestling following Sting’s retirement? What potential strategies or new partnerships might they explore to fill the void left by his departure from active competition? Let us know in the comments below.

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