Former WWE Chairman and executive chairman of TKO Holdings Vince McMahon has once again made headlines with a significant sell-off of his TKO stock.

According to recent filing, McMahon sold 5,350,000 shares of his TKO stock, amounting to a staggering $412 million. This move leaves him with approximately 15 million shares, constituting roughly 9% of all TKO stock.

The news of McMahon’s stock sell-off was brought to light by Brandon Thurston, who shared the filing online. Thurston’s tweet confirmed McMahon’s massive transaction, shedding light on the financial moves of one of the most prominent figures in sports entertainment.

This latest development comes amid ongoing legal scrutiny surrounding McMahon. Federal authorities have been investigating allegations made against him in the Janel Grant Lawsuit, adding a layer of complexity to McMahon’s business dealings and personal reputation.


The Janel Grant Lawsuit has garnered significant attention within the wrestling community and beyond, with McMahon facing accusations that have implications for both his professional and personal life. Wrestling Headlines remains committed to keeping readers updated on this evolving story as it unfolds.

As McMahon’s legal woes continue to unfold, his financial decisions draw increased scrutiny. The sale of such a substantial portion of his TKO stock raises questions about his strategic moves amidst legal challenges and underscores the ongoing uncertainty surrounding his future in the business world.

As this story continues to develop, stay tuned to Ringside News for the latest updates on Vince McMahon and the evolving landscape of sports entertainment.

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