AEW Revolution 2024 was a total blast and fans have been calling it one of the best pay-per-views in the history of the Tony Khan-led company. Headlined by Sting’s retirement match, the show was a total banger from top to bottom. With a lot of action throughout, fans enjoyed the night and expect AEW to continue their momentum moving forward.

While action unfolded throughout the show, the official debut of Will Ospreay against Konosuke Takeshita had some of the most intense spots of the night. In one of the best singles matches seen in months, Ospreay clinched a massive victory sending a message to the whole roster. 

Though fans had fun watching both men tear each other apart, the backstage reaction to Ospreay’s performance was not very different. As per a recent update from Dave Meltzer, everyone was happy to see Ospreay’s performance at the show. For veterans who had never seen the star wrestle in the past, it was shocking to know how good he was in the ring. 

“Another big thing noted to us was the reaction of the stars from the past to Will Ospreay, and the match with Konosuke Takeshita. Many people there who had been in the business for decades had never seen an Ospreay match although had heard of him. It was noted that they couldn’t believe how good he was.”


With a massive victory in his debut match, Will Ospreay now has lot of fresh faces and rivalries to take his name to the next level in the wrestling industry. It would be interesting to see who comes out to feud with Ospreay in the next few weeks in AEW.

What was your reaction to Will Ospreay’s official debut match at AEW Revolution? Drop them down in the comment section below.

Ishaan Rathi

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