Sting merchandise is currently leading in sales at AEW, particularly in anticipation of his final match at AEW Revolution scheduled for tomorrow. Although the exact figures are not provided, these insights are drawn from current data.

According to WrestleNomics, Sting’s merchandise holds the top position among all roster members and comes second only to AEW’s own general merchandise. Notably, it surpasses Bullet Club Gold, securing a spot in the top three. Additionally, Sting’s collaboration with Capcom’s Street Fighter brand, titled “Sting vs JP,” and his partnership with Darby Allin contribute to his presence in the top ten.

Delving into specific items, the “Sting Final Encounter” merchandise claims the number one spot, closely followed by the AEW x Street Fighter collaboration “Sting vs JP,” with Sting’s “Moon” merchandise also making it to the top ten.

Over at Pro Wrestling Tees, Sting dominates the categories, outranking general AEW merchandise and Bullet Club Gold. The “Sting vs JP” collaboration maintains a strong presence within the top ten.


Pro Wrestling Tees’ breakdown of item-specific sales further underscores Sting’s popularity, with “Final Encounter” securing the top position and other items such as “Split,” “Moon,” and “Sting vs JP” making appearances in the top ten rankings.

As anticipation builds for his final match, speculation abounds about whether Sting will emerge victorious. While the outcome remains uncertain, one thing is clear—Sting’s influence transcends the ring, resonating deeply with wrestling enthusiasts around the globe.

Stay tuned as the wrestling world eagerly awaits Sting’s last hurrah and share your thoughts on his merchandise success and prospects for AEW Revolution in the comments below.

Sanjay Thakur

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