CM Punk’s promising AEW debut took an unexpected turn as he was reportedly fired last year. Regarding his departure, QT Marshall shared that Punk had discussions with him about being removed from AEW Collision.

In 2023, QT Marshall led the QTV stable on AEW programming, prominently featuring Powerhouse Hobbs. However, the stable was later disbanded. Reports indicated that in November 2023, CM Punk expressed his disapproval of Marshall being on AEW Collision, considering QTV unproductive for Hobbs.

This situation reportedly strained Marshall’s relationship with Tony Khan. Although Marshall officially resigned from AEW in November, he made a return to the company at the beginning of 2024.

While speaking to Bill Apter of Sportskeeda, QT Marshall shared insights on CM Punk’s departure from AEW and revealed their discussion about removing him from television


“I always liked him backstage. I know there were reports that he kept me off of TV, and we actually talked about it. We agreed. Neither of us wanted me to be Will Hobbs’ manager. Then I also had to work Saturdays and Wednesdays. So when him and I spoke about the idea that he didn’t want me with Will Hobbs, I was like yeah, let’s sign me up for that one because I’d rather only work on Wednesdays.”

CM Punk is currently out of action in WWE due to triceps injury and is expected to be on the shelf for quite few months. Nevertheless, Punk’s AEW run will always be shrouded in controversy and nothing will change that.

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