WWE’s decision to move Raw to Netflix in January 2025 has sparked discussions within the wrestling community, especially considering that the show will cease airing on the USA Network starting October 2024. With this transition looming, fans are eager to know where Raw will find its temporary home from October to December 2024.

During the recent TKO Q4 2023 Earnings Call, TKO CFO Andrew Schleimer addressed this situation, emphasizing the company’s commitment to securing a platform for the show during the final months of 2024.

Schleimer stated, “We also intend to renew our license or find an alternate provider to carry Raw in the U.S. for the 90-day period from October 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024 before it moves to Netflix as described below. These domestic licenses together account for a very significant portion of our media segment revenues and profitability. No assurances can be provided as to the outcome of these negotiations and, if we are unable to renew existing agreements or find alternative streaming or distribution partners, our results of operations could be adversely impacted.”

Expressing optimism, Schleimer further commented that he believes Raw will indeed find a platform in the fourth quarter, although no concrete details were provided. He stated, “We believe Raw will be aired in the fourth quarter. We have no further information. We feel pretty positive about it.”


Mark Shapiro echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the company’s dedication to securing the best platform for the Raw brand amidst the transition.

How do you think the temporary move of WWE Raw to a new platform for the last quarter of 2024 might impact its viewership? Let us know in the comments below.

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